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Shopping Cart Corral Styles High visibility and ease of access are very important elements in the success of any commercial retail outlet. However, without due care your expensive and carefully chosen 'high visibility' location can turn into a 'very negative visual' advertisement for your store and set the tone for a very displeasing customer experience. No one intends to have a dangerous obstacle course of scattered shopping carts and broken down cart collection systems in their parking lots but it often happens never the less.


Shopping carts will always remain an integral part of every retail customer's experience and success for the retailer can often be measured by a steady stream of shopping carts exiting through carefully designed check out systems. However once the loaded shopping carts exit your building and start their journey towards a customer's waiting vehicle, things can potentially disintegrate into a negative customer experience.

OutFront Portable Solutions has 6 different styles of shopping cart corals to offer as tried and tested solutions to help ensure a postive customer experience out on the parking lot.

6 Cart Corral Styles To Choose From

Typical Negative Experiences

A Cart Corral with problems
  • Where do I put my shopping cart now that I am done with it?
  • Why do I have to walk further to park my empty cart, than it took me to fill it in the first place?
  • Why should I care about placing this shopping cart into a broken down Cart Return? If the retailer doesn't care about them, why should I?
  • There is an empty shopping cart parked against my car and it's left a big scratch in it.
  • Why would anyone place a cart corral with all those sharp edges on it in such a tight parking spot? It is dangerous to park anywhere near it.

OutFront Portable Solutions Cart Corral Positive Solutions

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Adjustable FootSimple Lock Removable Sign HolderA Cart Corral  at Work

  • All our designs are constructed from 'hot dipped' galvanized steel.
  • All of our cart corrals are exceptionally strong & durable with tamper proof considerations built into their design.
  • Economical, quick & simple installations. (Do it yourself or have one of our experienced teams set them up for you.)
  • Highly visible by design, your signage can be seen over mini-vans or SUV's.
  • Molded side bumpers protect car doors from dings and dents reducing damage claims.
  • Signage can be alternated easily.
  • Adjustable mounting legs allow for level installation on sloped surfaces.
  • Flat surface retention bars prevent carts from rolling away by themselves.

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